Being a Github user the only thing that has bothered me about the process is that every time I want to deploy a new version of my website whose code is on Github is, I have to push it to GitHub and then SSH into the server and manually do a git clone

What I really wanted was a way to just push the commits to GitHub and then have the server automatically pull the updates.

So after some web surfing, I got to know about Webhook.

Webhooks provide a way for notifications to be delivered to an external web server whenever certain actions occur in a repository or organization.

Webhooks can be triggered whenever a variety of actions are performed on a repository or an organization. For example, you can configure a web hook to execute whenever:

  • A repository is pushed to
  • A pull request is opened
  • A GitHub Pages site is built
  • A new member is added to a team

Till now I am not as such got succeeded in achieving my goal to do this on my project because I am getting an unexpected error, but I will do that on my project very soon because I know I landed at the right place(webhooks) and also will share that in my future blog.

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