Set up Your Own OpenStreetMap Tile Server on Ubuntu 16.04

From last two days I was struggling for the deployment  of OSM Tile Server on my machine because I was getting ” NOT Found” error on  URL :-


I followed linuxbabe link to set my tile server so I will not go into much detail regarding the setup instructions, For that you can follow that link.

I will here discuss the errors which I faced and the corresponding solution for that.

  • Download Map Data

I accidentally downloaded the .osh file of India from which was not properly processed . So to resolve that issue I downloaded the .osm file with the help of command

wget -c
  • Syntax error in rendered.conf file

In editing step of rendered.conf file I accidentally put ‘ ; ‘  before [rendered] and also the path of  XML was also not correct under [default] section.


  • Error : Socket bind failed for: /var/run/renderd/renderd.sock

So to resolve this error i followed  this link , In my case It was missing writing rights which I resolved by using this command

sudo chown osm:osm /var/lib/mod_tile
  • Rendering Issue

If you are facing any issue related to rendering of file then you can use this command

renderd -f -c /usr/local/etc/renderd.conf
  • Default path of localhost

So if you are following the above mentioned link to download JavaScript library, they make a directory in


So you are suppose to extract your files in this directory. After extracting files and creating index.html file in the same directory you are suppose to change the path of Documentroot as


which is located at


If you don’t want to explicitly change Documentroot, you can then extract your files in /var/www, which is the  default path of localhost.

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